Don’t know why
Missing you a lot
You are not my friend
You are  not my love
Even then
Don’t know why
Missing you a lot.
We haven’t met ever
We just hear voice
Only once
Even then
Don’t know why
Missing you a lot
Such a long time
You are busy with work
You want to reach very high
I want to see you fly
Even then
Don’t know why
missing you a lot
It doesn’t mean
That I love you
It doesn’t mean
That I have some thing for you
It doesn’t mean
That you know about this
Even then
Don’t know why
Missing you a lot…

my first ever attempt in English.


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64 responses to “DON’T KNOW WHY?

  1. कुछ शख्शियत, अपनी छाप छोड़ते हैं ….
    प्रभावशाली रचना !

  2. what ever you may say
    it is your charm and elegance
    that makes you thin like that

    keep it up,
    it makes a soothing reading

  3. wonderfully honest poem… they say blessed are the words which are true to the emotions they r inspired from…. well penned

  4. आपके साईट पर यह मेरी पहली टिपण्णी है. आपकी कविताओं की श्रंखला में यह कविता मुझे वाकई बहुत अच्छी लगी. निरंतर लिखते रहे, आता रहूँगा. शुभकामनाएं !

  5. for a first attempt this is really nice. very simple n nice Indu 🙂

  6. indu,
    dont know why your words sounds so innocent and true to your emotions, but guess inspirations to write come to you so naturally… good one..keep decorating words with your emotions.. yr eyes shows yr creativity. ……. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the mail was a bit busy really……
    Very impressive,
    This is just because of the matching bandwidth or say the frequencies of thoughts and mind that we feel missing someone unknown to us too….
    Hiredayanubhuti he atama ke awaz hoti hai
    baki sansar me to chik pukar hoti hai…………….

    From the desk of:
    Agarwal P.F.

  8. Very nice beginning. I struggle to read and understand Hindi, so I often don’t get past the first few lines of your poems. I am old school so I find myself uncomfortable with SMS style contractions, and I know that even among very progressive modern poets this is an issue, but every poet has to find his or her own unique language. Your feelings have come through beautifully. Keep writing and sharing.

  9. वाह …बहुत ही अच्‍छी प्रस्‍तुति ।

  10. and a good one toooo.. and now i can comment in english too he he he 🙂

  11. Ah !! At-last English verse ..Sounds great .Hmm I feel like this poem is suitable for those who fall in love at first sight hehe

  12. don’t know why
    missing u a lot
    u r not my friend
    u r not my love
    even then
    don’t know why
    missing u a lot.

    sometimes we miss someone without any reason….but who is this someone…? we don’t know……

  13. Congratulations ! Your first attempt is too good . A nice thought . Keep up the good work . All the best for many more such attempts . God bless you .

  14. Simple and Neat! You should write more poems in English for non-Hindi speaking folks around……..Good luck!

  15. Seema

    very beautiful…..loved a lot and waiting for mooooooooor

  16. उत्‍कृष्‍ठ लेखन के लिए बधाई

  17. Also! don’t known why? belatedly inspired.:)
    What is known! have poetic ‘spatical intelligence’,
    and prominent in your own terms, wish to carry on..

  18. Thanks to all of you, for liking my first English poem & giving your encouraging comments. always needed for your wishes….


  19. Dear Induji,

    Apologies for taking the liberty to shorten your name. This is the first time i am commenting on your blog. That is primarily because I am not too good at Hindi and I think i am not qualified enough to do so.

    Though i can speak Bombay Hindi which unlike your language is not in the purest form.

    Coming back to your poem I cannot call it your attempt…. because it is really good and expressed with a child like innocence and simplicity.

    Keep up the good work

    Blogger Jags

  20. wow lovely am sure u mst really like that person alot at least if nt love..very well written 🙂

    do read my poetry THE ANTHEM:

  21. Awesome Expressions of the Deep Feelings… 🙂
    Do Check Out My Blog, You Might Find Interesting… 🙂

  22. I liked this piece very much and do know why, becaused this is too good!

  23. It is really full of feelings. Can almost feel what you have written. At times, we feel lots of odd things for that someone without reason. I don’t know why too!!

  24. is it ur first attempt?i won’t believe..looks great dear.wonderful lines

  25. You are an excellent writer, Indu and that can be a problem. When you choose a title like “Don’t know why”, fools like me come expecting a bit too much. I adore the haunting song as sung by Norah Jones. I hope you get what I mean. However, I will return ton your blog again.

  26. Your lines reminded me of this song…”तुम्हें हो न हो मुझको तो इतना यकीन हैं मुझे प्यार तुमसे नहीं है नहीं है “…Don’t know whether you’ve heard this song or not…simple lines convey a lot

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